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The Games Parlour / The Banner Saga 2 [PC]
« on: April 12, 2016, 03:21:10 AM »
Embargo is up on the preview build of the sequel to Stoics only game, they've tweaked a hell of alot whilst keeping it much the same as before. I think most notable now is that your Caravan is something more than an element of the game you have to look after as you can now convert clansmen to troops, although so far I've not found any of them to be as useful as the main cast.

Full games out next Tuesday.

Unfortunely for me my save file from The Banner Saga is on my old PC, I could probably extract it from the hard drive (the motherboard died so I assume the HDD is still okay?) but not entirely sure its worth the effort as I cant remember what I did last time out...

The Games Parlour / Trackmania Turbo
« on: March 19, 2016, 07:31:28 AM »
I absolutely loved Trackmania United on PC a few years ago, so yeah I'm looking forward to this.

Ubisoft have actually released an Open Beta for it too, it came out yesterday and runs till the 21st on PS4 so theres no excuse not to check it out ;)

I had a brief blast of it this morning and streamed to Twitch, you don't get to hear my common as muck accent as it'll be very rare I do any chat/voice over on anything I post to bitparade's channel due to the amount of background noise in my household, but it gives you a good idea of the game too (there's not alot of difference to other versions from what I remember)

The Games Parlour / Legend of Legacy (3DS)
« on: January 27, 2016, 11:53:27 AM »
Long story short, I'm now not covering Trails in Cold Steel (although I am still playing it) as one of the other guys on bitparade is now covering it, instead I've been nominated to cover this (as no one else wanted to...). Which is fine, after reading its Wiki page it sounds a rather interesting concept within the JRPG genre.

It says on there that its a "spiritual successor" to the SaGa series (which I've never played, not sure if anyone here has? It also had people who were involved Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XIII working on it ), but its its approach to progression that sounds interesting.

Before I go any further, there is a demo available on the eShop if you want to give it a try.

I've barely touched it as I type this, I'm in the games very first area and have had about 5 or 6 fights but its already done something thats completely thrown me off track... basically there is no Menu, not out in the field or in battle anyway, not so far. You can't use the items you pick up from my initial play, although I'm told you can access menu's, items and equipment whenever you're in a town. Whether thats good or bad I don't know, it strikes me that JRPG's are as much about being able to change things on the fly as much as they are about being prepared, removing one aspect of that will change things dramatically.

And another thing that Legends of Legacy forces you to do is actually block and defend. There appears to be an actual focus on formations, and I don't just mean "place your ranged/healing characters in the back line" style formations, but actual named formations that have different roles. To start with you either have All Out Attack, this places 2 of the 3 characters in a forward line (although it appears to be line 2 rather than 1) and a third in the back row with the focus being on the dealing out as much damage as possible. The second formation I currently have is called Pegaus, this reverses things. My strongest character is placed in line 1, with a ranged character and healer in line 2. The pair in line 2 are encouraged to conduct the battle (my healer packs a decent hit with her wand at the moment) whilst the character in line 1 is there to be a tank. He can deal damage but its not his prority. Its an interesting system but it remains to be seen how it affects things as I progress.

The Games Parlour / Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel
« on: January 22, 2016, 12:38:01 PM »
I'm playing this for review at the moment, I've not sunk alot of time into it but think it may deserve some attention, plus I think a few of you guys might like it.

It's a JRPG by the studio who created Y's, but unlike that series, this is a turn-based game.

It also shares some similarities with the Persona games, the most obvious of which is its school environment (although whereas Persona has always been contempory, this has a sort of Germanic/Military School approach, kind of like Attack on Titan or Valkyria Chronicles). Theres an element of socialising involved that looks like it plays some effect on the games battle system and theres side quests where you do menial tasks for people, not to mention the inclusion of extra-curriculer clubs and such It's also hinted at being calendar based.

Again, its only early days, but the one big way it differs from the PErsona games is in its atmosphere, it feels a little more serious than Atlus' titles, which (I think) managed to get the balance right between the games serious story and the experience of being a teenager at high school with all that entails. But again, still early on so we'll see how that plays out as I don't really know any of the characters yet (although I've warmed to one of the lecturers just coz she likes to drink beer...)

Its available on PS3 and Vita (I'm playing on the latter)

The Games Parlour / Transformers Devastation
« on: January 22, 2016, 12:25:47 PM »
Yup, picked it up in the end as I really wanted it anyway and that GAME offer was just at the right price for me to take the plunge.

Platinum's output has always gained a huge following but I struggle to think of a game of theirs that I've really stuck with... I've tried a number of times to get into Bayonetta (for example) but its never really clicked for me.

Okay, so I've not played a whole lot of it, just the introductory area, but I think I really do like this, you're not forced to spend absolutely ages watching cut-scenes, the game pretty much just throws you in there and teaches you as it goes. You're introduced to the key characters pretty much straight away too (although I've not yet played as Grimlock or Wheeljack, you control Optimus to begin with) and the actions nice and fluid even for a button masher like myself.

I'm only playing on the easiest difficulty for now, I didn't want to go into it and feel overwhelmed and not like it, and I'm glad I did, its not been even remotely challenging and has that sort of pulpy feeling that Lollipop Chainsaw had to its mechanics, plus transforming at the end of a combo is hugely satisfying, I imagien the dodge will be far more important once I get around to trying it on a harder difficulty.

The Games Parlour / Platinum's "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" game
« on: January 16, 2016, 12:14:44 PM »
I keep meaning to pick up that new Transformers game, I guess I'm waiting for it to be much cheaper than it currently is (although its a very reasonable £16 on (new) at the moment, but I'm skint for a week or so...), in the mean time though, a bunch of stuff has been leaked regarding a Turtles game. Thankfully its not tied into the Bay-film at all, and seems to have taken its visual style but its not based on the original comic art or the more friendly cartoon series that was out when I was a kid and Turtle mad either,. I've seen some mention its similar to the IDW Comics in appearance and that that is possibly a "Good Thing", but its all about how it plays in the end, unfortunately theres not alot to go on there, it could be another Transformers (which was received well) or Legend of Korra (which wasn't).

What does interest me are these "leaked" screenshots

All of which show multiple Turtles, could Platinum be making a 4 player brawler!?

The Games Parlour / Persona 4: Dancing All Night
« on: October 23, 2015, 04:35:56 AM »

Guys! Guys! Its out next week! Its already out in the US though

I've been playing it for a couple of days (when Corpse Party doesn't drag me in...) and (unsurprisingly) love it.

It reminds me a lot of Samba De Amigo in that you have a distinct left and right set of actions (although obviously,  Samba liked to mix things up a bit, I bloody loved Samba De Amigo!!). Circle, X and Triangle cover notes heading to the right side of the screen, then up, left and down on the d-pad cover the right side. You'll also get a blue circle (or a "Fever" circle) that spreads out across the screen, you don#t have to hit these and they don't hurt your combo if you miss them, but the points rewards for doing so is worth nabbing them.

As usual, all the background stuff whilst playing is there for eyecandy, with this being on Vita they could have gotten away with some themed backgrounds and left it at that coz I've not even been able to pay attention to Rise, Yu, Yosuke and co dancing away (although the above video makes Yu look incredibly camp, I've not played as Kanji yet).

There's two modes, if you just want to focus on the music you can go into Free Dance mode, play through a song, which upon completion, unlocks more songs. Or there's the Story Mode, where you'll spend more time reading and listening to the characters converse and repeat everything thats happening again and again than you will actually playing the dancing aspect of the game. The dialogue isn't as well written as Persona 4 was, a problem thats been apparent in both Arena games and Persona Q, but I think I'd rather the writing team from 4 focused all their efforts into making Persona 5 than these little side projects.

So yeah, some positive stuff and some negative stuff there, I've only been playing on Normal so far, but have unlocked a bunch of the recognisable outfits from the RPG. And considering I have a Rise phone cover, I'm not gonna feel uncomfortable having this on my Vita like Gar has already said he will ;)

The Games Parlour / Corpse Party: Blood Drive (VITA)
« on: October 23, 2015, 03:58:26 AM »
Some of you may have spotted me tweeting about this over the past few days.

What we have is something thats being pushed as a horror game, except (so far, after 3 chapters) I've not found it to be so.

On the surface it looks like a really badly made game. Graphics are generic chibi-fied things and some of the textures used look like they were from a generic pack on Game Maker, likewise the menu's look like an old Flash game (and take ages to load, whereas the actual "game" itself doesn't) and it spends far, far too long throwing dialogue at you from characters that you don't really care about.

That last point, not caring about the characters, isn't strictly the games fault, this is a sequel after all and as I've not played the first one (or any of the other Corpse Party games as the series dates back to the 90s apparently).

Its not a good start, I know, but something keeps drawing me back to this. I mean, it is ridiculous and I've been having alot of fun mocking it on Twitter, but its beyond that. When you do actually get to play the game you find yourself in an alternate dimension haunted Elementary School, you're required to solve simple puzzles (putting down wooden slats to cross holes in the floor), avoid traps (broken glass, weak floor boards, trip wires) and avoid ghosts (by hiding in lockers). Thus, you find yourself plodding around the school, searching corpses on the floor to collect their name tags (which tell you how they died... its a bit morbid) waiting for the next MGS-length discussion between characters. Its incredibly difficult to see where your going (a bit of an exageration), and your torch only has a certain amount of battery power, likewise you can only "sprint" for a short period of time (although I could probably run faster and aside from one game of football last November I've barely done any exercise since leaving school 15 years ago). Which really should ramp up the tension and making avoiding things and finding items much harder but everything is so heavily advertised to the player (again, so far, I did see mention of a seventh chapter, I'm not sure how many there are overall) that you only really need to worry about harming whichever character you're holding whilst trying to escape a ghost. Which is a good thing as your health bar is hidden away in those aforementioned slow-loading menu's, you have no idea how much battery power your torch has either (although mines not ran out at all yet and I've found the odd set of batteries lying around) and you only know when you're stamina for sprinting has expired when your character comes to a halt.

So yeah, again, this isn't a good game, so why can't I stop playing it!?

The Games Parlour / Rebel Galaxy
« on: October 22, 2015, 08:18:43 AM »
I've always loved the sound of Elite, but have never played it, I love the sound of Elite Dangerous, but I know my PC isn't upto the task of running it. But I picked up Rebel Galaxy the other day, which as far as I'm concerned is kind of similar and despite the lack of time I've actually been able to spend with it I really quite like it.

It pretty much focuses on trading, smuggling and taking on Bounties whilst cruising around in a big spaceship, heading to different colonies and selling on commodities. There are some nice touches like being told what the galaxy average price is for particular items so you can see when to buy cheap and sell high and the combat is rather nifty in that its done (as described by the game) in a "Naval" manner (you can fire from your port or starboard.

As mentioned, I've only spent a small amount of time with this but already I think its something I'll be sinking alot more time in (if the kids allow it!!!)

The Games Parlour / Persona Q: Shadows of the Labyrinth
« on: November 25, 2014, 12:51:33 PM »
A reason for me to dust off my 3DS it seems.

Reviews have been appearing since Friday which have all been pretty damned positive. So, what is it?

If you take Etrian Odyssey's gameplay, with its first person dungeons/battles, add in both the SEED team from Gekkoukan High in Persona 3 and the Investigation Squad from Yasogami High in Persona 4. You can choose to play as either protagonist from those two games, with there being slight differences in the story for each, as you work your way through what is basically a dungeon crawler.

I'm pretty sure you don't need to have played through either P3 or P4 (or in my case, finished either...) to get anything from PQ but I imagine there'll be some stuff that comes up as you progress that will reference events in either of those two games (just as P4AU does). Anyway, I've not played it yet, but I am getting it (obviously!), so for now, here's the intro movie

(I love Kanji's reaction to Koromaru

(and at this point in time, that makes 4 Persona threads on the first page of The Games Parlour!)

The Games Parlour / Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
« on: November 21, 2014, 09:27:27 PM »
So we all know that I quite like TTT2, but I'm not a big fan of beat em ups.

We all also know that Im a bit of a Persona fan, despite never finishing P3 (shush Al) and still playing P4G.

I also bought the original Persona 4 Arena, but kept putting off playing it because of spoilers, but was given the chance to cover its sequel Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and couldn't turn it down.

Ive spent a good few hours with it today and I think I like it, thankfully this time its been released over here kind of close to its US release, unlike last time where there was about a year apart.

Anyway, I'm posting this from my phone and want to actually get deeper into things before I post thorough impressions, but did want to give the other Persona fans around here a quick nudge that this is out now ????

The Games Parlour / Local Multiplayer
« on: November 17, 2014, 09:13:16 AM »
Tried to see if there was any kind of discussion on this, there probably is, hidden away somewhere, but what the hey :)

So, Saturday night I had some work friends over for a few drinks and a night of playing on the 360 and PS3, they bought a couple of pads over with them for the 360 (?I already had two) and I already had 3 for the PS3, there was initially 3 of us then, later, when Charly got home, there were four of us all happy to jump into some multiplayer gaming, be it competitively or co-operative.

After a longish session of Zombies on COD: Black Ops 2 (the first time I'd played a CoD for more than 20 minutes since Modern Warfare 2) we searched for something else but everything we tried (Tekken Tag 2, Forza 4, PGR4, even Halo 3) only seemed to cater for 2 player split-screen (although the internet claims you can do 4-player split-screen on Halo 3).

The chances are, we're likely to all get together round my place again in the nearish future, and whilst a few rounds of Winner Stays On with TTT2, Forza and PGR4 entertained for a while, the general consensus seemed to be that we all wanted something a little meatier that we could all join in on at the same time.

Does anyone else have any recommendations?

The Games Parlour / STALKER Lost Alpha
« on: April 29, 2014, 05:12:58 PM »
Installed this today and only really played with the settings to have it running how I want it.

What we have here is a STALKER mod that claims to be the closest thing to what GSC originally promised when Shadow of Chernobyl was in development. Its completely free and you dont need to have a copy of STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl to play it as its completely standalone.

Whilst playing with the settings I did have a run around the opening location and its really rather different. Foliage is much denser, theres less buildings and the camp site isn't there at all (well at least not within a few hundred yards of the basement you wake up in like the original STALKER anyway).

The Games Parlour / Demon Gaze (VITA)
« on: April 29, 2014, 04:56:03 PM »
Yeah, another Japanese oddity on Vita that I'm posting about.

I've had it for a good couple of weeks, despite it only coming out Friday, but haven't had opportunity to sink my teeth into it properly.

From what I understand its a bit like Etrian Odyssey (which I've not played although I do have the one thats coming out this week on 3DS waiting for me to free up some time to start that).

Anyway, back to Demon Gaze, its got a string of names to it, Nippon Ichi, Kadokawa Games and (I think) Atlus, and it shows. The game plays out in a first person perspective as you make your way through various locations and dungeons, fighting random fights and gradually increasing your party and stats. Each area has a number of gates that you have to capture and once you have done so you get to fight that locations demon, beat that, it becomes yours to use in battle. The point of all this? I'm not entirely sure. I do know its rock solid though, the time I have sunk into it has felt far vaguer than any attempt to play any of FROM Software's games (the Souls, Armored Core and Otogi games...) and I'm struggling to get on with it.

I am told this is kind of on purpose though, the opening few hours are a bit of a baptism of fire and once you have a party of 3 (which I've literally just got) it starts to become much more playable. The biggest obstacle that stands in your way is that every time you return to the Inn you have to pay the owner rent on the rooms that you are using, this increases every time you return, you also have to pay to rent a new room to hire a new party member and the equipment and items in the shops are ridiculously expensive. The latter is to encourage you to use gems on the gates once you have acquired them, by using a specific gem you can battle monsters to earn equipment, so putting a Sword gem into a slot will award you with a new sword, although it may not be as good as the one you already have, to try and improve your chances of better equipment you'll also come across gems that allow you to summon stronger enemies and so on and so forth, theres alot to it.

Another way to earn cash and equipment is to take on quests, these can be simple "bring me X amount of Y item" type affairs, although there are a few different varieties they mostly result in revisiting area's to try and get the item you're looking for or defeat the specific enemy type thats been requested you deal with.

Another comparison to Demon/Dark Souls are the messages that litter each level, you can get chalk so you can leave notices for other players to warn them of things ahead or give clues to secret area's or just (as in the Souls games) just flat out lie.

So yeah, not very far in, not massively sure what I'm doing, but its an intriguing game thus far and if indeed it is supposed to get much better pretty soon, then that'll be a huge positive as its been tough going up to this point.

In the mean time, have a trailer:

Demon Gaze Trailer

The Games Parlour / Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster
« on: March 22, 2014, 06:24:22 PM »
I know we've got the Remakes and Remasters thread but, well, this is two rather large games and I even considered splitting it into a thread for each title.

Obviously I've started with Final Fantasy X, I've never actually played X-2 though. Back when it came out I wasn't too keen on X, I didn't like its characters, I wasn't sure about its setting and I didn't like the overhaul to the design of the menu's. It didn't feel very Final Fantasy, and it certainly wasn't Final Fantasy IX.

However, playing it again on the Vita has helped me appreciate it more than I imagined I would do. I've just reached Guadosalam and it really doesn't feel like I've sunk 13 hours into it so far. Now theres not a whole lot to the characters at the moment, we're still at the start of Yuna's pilgrimage (I think), but as far as usefulness goes I've found myself using Auron and Lulu a hell of alot, switching in Kimhari, Tidus and Wakka depending on the enemy type I'm facing whilst Yuna's only been used for healing. The only time I've used her summon ability is during the Summon fights with another Summoner, both of which I've lost, Rikku has only just joined the party so I'm having her help out a bit and then switching her out when she's in a spot of danger in order to gain spheres to improve her a bit.

Onto how its aged then. It looks pretty damned good in places, its obviously a PS2 game and looks like that, minus any blockiness. The character models for the main cast are all excellent (apart from when talking) as are the towns and cities, its the standard NPC's and some of the lesser characters (like Luzzu, Gatta and your Blitzball team) that don't look particularly good, especially when they're conversing with Tidus or one of the other members of the main cast.

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