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The Games Parlour / Re: Play Want Bin - 20.18% APR
« Last post by martTM on April 03, 2018, 07:54:26 AM »
Burnout Paradise - Managed to miss Mart twice on trophy runs yesterday, thanks to differing lunch times and the whims of a 9-month-old. Maybe next time.

Back into playing it at some point today if you're game. Currently clearing out the island, since that's a nice break from the familiar landscape of Paradise City. Been cleaning up the online trophies with another friend, but can happily help out if you want to get them too.


Burnout Paradise - Probably about 40% through this now in terms of races? Heading towards my A License, only got a smattering of gates/jumps/billboards to get. Still having lots of fun.

Batman Arkham Asylum - Had my eye on the PS4 bundle of this and Arkham City for a while, so I naturally grabbed it when it was £12 in the Easter sale. Started Asylum again, playing on Hard purely because there's a trophy for the difficulties, and it's rather more immediate than I remember it being... but then, maybe I was just dashing off in various directions to do stuff, rather than experiencing the story as I'm meant to. It's also a little frustrating to play when you know what you *can* do but haven't seen the initial tutorial telling you how, meaning you can't actually do it - have to backtrack for a few things I missed simply because it hadn't told me about scanning stuff or introduced me to the Riddler yet. Still a great game though.

Crazy Taxi Tycoon - This stupid clicker still has my in its grasp, though I'm nearing the end; got all but two cabbies, only one area left to unlock and my earnings currently hit octillion level in about five minutes. So, not long to go.

Pokémon Go - Nearly fell out of this, then the Field Research stuff pulled me back in. Dammit.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp - Likewise, this has slowed since I've only got about 25 villagers left to get up to max level and that won't take too long. Since I'm out of Calling/Request tickets though, I'm at the whim of the game as to whether villagers I can level up appear in the sub-spots outside my camp. Hmm.

More plastic tat - I thought I was clear of my need to buy Transformers, but the planets have aligned to bring a load of things my way all at once. A cheap second-hand set of combiners I had no intention of buying full price; a mint-condition but low priced G1 toy that was my favourite when I was a kid and had to bring back into my collection; a complete set of G1 reissues of Soundwave's tapes, meaning I'll have the full group at long last. Add to that the fact that there are new versions of the Terrorcons (another combiner group, I only seem to like combiners) and a redone massive take on the Predacons coming, and suddenly I'm back into buying plastic shit I can't really afford. I'm such a child.  :blink:

God of War - I dunno... do I want it? I love God of War and everyone's saying this new one's great, but it's not really God of War, is it? It definitely doesn't look like it plays like it, so I'm not sure if I'll like it or not. I think I'll whack it on the wishlist and wait until it's inevitably discounted.

Nothing - which is a bit of a surprise. But then, I'm not playing all that much so there's nothing to really bin. I suspect if I went through the many, many games on my PS4, I'd find something but off the top of my head, there's nowt I can think of.

Oh, no, wait! Fortnite. Yeah, that. Don't think I'll be going back to that.
The Games Parlour / Re: Screenshots thread
« Last post by Ninchilla on April 02, 2018, 07:29:58 PM »
It is a very nice hat!

EDIT: I even think I might be done with my outfit - the Sailor trousers look good enough. Going to start saving for a hull design now. 70,000 gold, here I come... eventually.

Oh, and unfortunately, your and Sarah's spec-ops-level rescue of me with those dastards' stronghold skull didn't save. :(
The Games Parlour / Re: Screenshots thread
« Last post by aniki on April 02, 2018, 07:14:12 PM »
At the risk of making this just another Sea of Thieves thread...

And a special shot of Ninchilla's new hat, of which he is very proud.

The Games Parlour / Re: Your Games Completed of 2018
« Last post by aniki on April 02, 2018, 02:22:30 PM »
That's kind of fair enough but also kind of like writing off The Beginner's Guide because it's first person.

The anime-ness is a big part of why DDLC works as well as it does; there are tropes and archetypes it can use as shorthand - the childhood friend, the overly familiar upperclassman, the reluctant new club member - that not only make the opening ~30 minutes more efficient, but set up expectations that can be exploited later. Strip away the anime/VN presentation and the game would have to construct this all from nothing, in a way that's likely to require a lot of dense exposition or an overly lengthy introduction.
The Games Parlour / Re: Play Want Bin - 20.18% APR
« Last post by aniki on April 02, 2018, 02:19:23 PM »
I've been sinking (get it) a lot of time into Sea of Thieves, and like Ninchilla I'm just enjoying getting around too much for the lack of mission variety to get me down.

I've gone back to exploration in Elite: Dangerous, now that I've finished upgrading my Alliance Chieftain, which makes for a nice relaxing change of pace from the constant paranoia of Sea of Thieves. Jump, scan, repeat.

This morning I finished Doki Doki Literature Club, an excellent if unorthodox visual novel. I kind of want to go back to it and see if it has different routes but it also feels… done.

And I'm still gradually working my way towards Calamity Gannon in Breath of the Wild, though it could be a while before I summon the courage to actually commit to that final boss run.

More time. I've had two extra days off over Easter and still don't feel like I got the time to really get stuck into anything properly.

I'm keen to get a new pair of trousers in Sea of Thieves, after which I'll be chasing a jacket, but the economy in that game is psychologically exhausting in ways I've already gone over on too much detail on Twitter.
The Games Parlour / Re: Your Games Completed of 2018
« Last post by big mean bunny on April 02, 2018, 02:09:59 PM »
You lost me at Anime.
The Games Parlour / Re: Play Want Bin - 20.18% APR
« Last post by Brian Bloodaxe on April 02, 2018, 12:39:28 PM »
Dammit, I was all ready to go with "April PWB's Day" but I forgot all about it.

Videogames: Still nothing.

Boardgames: We swapped out Love Letter for Coup at college for a couple weeks but each round is over so quickly that it feels a little pointless. It could do with a mechanic for winning overall after passing multiple hands like Love Letter does.

Tokaido went down well too.

RPGs: My Whitehack game set in Yoon Suin has started well, I'm still excited to see how it progresses.

I'm planning to continue running 13th Age for the teenagers. There's a bunch of free to download adventures on their site intended to run for six two-hour sessions so I'm going to plug in one of those.

I would like to play some sort of epic fantasy adventure. Something with a big world to explore. I have Bauldur's Gate on my tablet, or I could grab Witcher 3 and actually get some use out of my PS4. Xenoblade Chronicles? I have a PC now so I could grab Pillars of the Earth or something. Somehow I've got too many options and none that are quite right.

I just backed the Coriolis Kickstarter. If Arabian Nights in Space with gorgeous artwork appeals you've got two days to join me. There's a free and fairly comprehensive quickstart available at Drivethrurpg if you are interested.
The Games Parlour / Re: Play Want Bin - 20.18% APR
« Last post by Alastor on April 02, 2018, 12:08:38 PM »
Gar, I know you said the game would be easy with the option of removing the permadeath is an option since Awakening (the first 3DS title, yeah?), you can just pretend it's like Fire Emblem Heroes. That said, I agree, you can say it just removes an archaic and potentially game breaking mechanic (is it even possible to win after losing too many people?) but it absolutely informs your decisions in a way that no permadeath would not, since you can just 'suicide' units knowing you'll get them back, for this reason I'd never disable it personally but whatever helps people enjoy Fire Emblem is okay by me.


Monster Hunter World - I'm HR69 (ayyy) and well and truly in the Decoration/Hero and Warrior Streamstone farming stage, the endgame. But the lootpool for both is so big that it gets a little tiring getting shit Decorations, literally every good set build online uses Decorations so it sucks that I can't join in the fun like the Vaal Hazaak vampire set (every hit you do restores health even past the red damage taken) or the 'Teostra 100% crit, never lose White sharpness' build.

But still, I just managed to get my Deviljho gem to make his Lance (it's a fucking drill!) last night so super hyped about building a set around that. And it's so easy for me to just pop into other guys groups by respondingto an SOS flare that I can run Tempered Monsters all day no trouble, and my Hunting Horn can giveeveryone 30% Attack, negate windblasts, I presume 30% defense and extend the size of everyone's healthbar so everyone wants me in their group  B).

Special mention to the free Event Quests (I think weekly too) they keep throwing out, we end up fighting Giant Barroths, playing as Ryu from Street Fighter or catching bugs to make a funny hat. This week, for hunting a Gold Crown Kula Yaku (he's a big boi) you get to make Yaku helmet, which aids in stealing eggs which I thought was rather clever for what is a joke item.

Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood - 'MPH actually liking the 'other non WoW MMO' hype. I'm doing the Fnal Fantasy 6 raid with a group two nights a week, they've even got Kefka and Dancing Mad back.

Devil May Cry 4 - I went through the HD Collection of DMC1 and 3 that was released on PS4 recently, this isn't a part of it, but I bought it ages ago, it has a TON of content, and I'm still really enjoying playing as Lady, the slightly spunky young gunslinger from DMC3, shep lays quite unlike anyoneelse and that's precisely why she feels fresh to me,also you can blow people up with a Rocket Launcher.


I dunno, I'm quite sure I'll get Dragon Quest XI which I believe we'vebeen announced to be getting atm, it looks lovely and I know exactly what game I'll be getting, Dragon Quest 8, that is to say, I'll be getting Dragon Quest :huh:. Still want Bayonetta on Switch, I want wonderful 101 to be released on Switch.



The Games Parlour / Re: Play Want Bin - 20.18% APR
« Last post by Ninchilla on April 02, 2018, 11:37:09 AM »
Sea of Thieves. I feel about this largely how you describe Monster Hunter, actually, Gar - I just like being in the world, and don't feel specific pressure to do anything in particular. This sets me at odds with the most vocal sections of the community, who are constantly incensed at not having a million progression systems to grind.

Burnout Paradise, on the rare (ha) occasion I'm not playing Sea of Thieves. It's just such a well-tuned game, elegant, chaotic, and aggressive in roughly equal measure. You're never more than about fifteen seconds from something to do, and it's all fun. Managed to miss Mart twice on trophy runs yesterday, thanks to differing lunch times and the whims of a 9-month-old. Maybe next time.

To be playing Sea of Thieves.

We've also not managed to get in a full game of Star Wars Rebellion yet, which I got for Christmas, and is a source of huge temptation/frustration every time I see the box. Soon, though, I promise myself.
The Games Parlour / Play Want Bin - 20.18% APR
« Last post by Garwoofoo on April 02, 2018, 10:46:45 AM »

Monster Hunter World. It doesn't happen with many games but I've reached the point now where I'm perfectly happy to sit down and play this for entire evenings at a time without feeling that I'm trying to complete anything and without ever really getting impatient or bored with it. I've always got a little checklist of things I want to achieve, my level keeps ticking up steadily, there's a constant drip-feed of new things to do and it's just a really absorbing game that I'm nowhere near finished with yet.  A real solid gold classic, and possibly my favourite game of all time.

RiME. Forgettable Ico-alike that looks a bit like Wind Waker, rips off The Witness for some of its puzzle ideas, and plays like The Last Guardian without the cat-bird, including the nameless child protagonist and his wild flailing run. It misses most of the targets it sets for itself: it aims for enigmatic but lands somewhere around aimless, and the environment and architecture feels relentlessly gamelike rather than even beginning to approach TLG's immense sense of space. I'm halfway through the game now and I have no idea what the storyline is supposed to be or why I'm doing the things I'm doing - I'm pressing forward and solving puzzles because, well, there isn't much to do so I might as well do that. It's kind of calming and relaxing and not very difficult, so it's a good wind-down game, but I'll have forgotten it within days of finishing it I'm sure.

Pandemic Legacy. Board-games wise, we took a LONG break from this for various reasons (none of which were related to the game) but on picking it back up again over the rainy Easter weekend we've all become completely absorbed in it again and have played it four times in as many days.  I'm still amazed at the sheer cleverness of the whole thing, and the way it gently pushes you into making certain choices (ostensibly of your own volition) and then delights in pulling the rug from under you just as you think you're starting to get the hang of it.  It's an absolute masterpiece.


I've been keeping an eye out for the Switch port of Hollow Knight but it seems to be running into some technical issues in the last stages of development so hopefully it'll be out soon (and not be a mess).

There's a big new patch for No Man's Sky incoming and as usual I'm promising myself that will be the point at which I finally start to play it.  We'll see, I guess.

I need to get some new board games, but not sure what's new and interesting right now.  Where's cav gone anyway?


I'm developing a love/hate relationship with Fire Emblem: Awakening - I absolutely love almost everything about it (the writing and characterisation is particularly superb) but the permadeath mechanic is doing my nut in, especially given the AI's tendency to ruthlessly dogpile your weakest characters whenever the opportunity arises.  Several times now I've lost a character on literally the last round of a long battle and been unable to resist the compulsion to reset and do it all over again.  It means I'm making very slow progress.  But the game's clearly balanced around this mechanic (it would be laughably easy if you could simply gloss over a few deaths each round) so I feel I need to persevere.  Not yet a Bin, but might yet aggravate me enough to tip it over the edge (of the bin).
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