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The Society Tome of Knowledge
« Topic Start: February 23, 2005, 07:16:40 AM »
There’s a number of not-so-obvious machinations at The Society – some are to do with how we operate, some are to do with the forum software we use. This FAQ aims to makes sense of this.

[box] FORUM USE [/span][/box]

[span\'color:green\'] When I hit REPLY why do I always end up quoting an existing post? [/span]
There are two types of standard REPLY button.

Type 1:
When you reach the bottom of a topic page you’ll see a group of buttons labelled:


Clicking on REPLY will take you to the reply screen that starts off with a completely blank text box.

Type 2:
As you read the topic you’ll see that each post in the topic has a set of buttons at the end of it:


If you use this reply button you’re saying “I want to reply to this specific post”.  You’ll be taken to the reply screen and the post that you clicked the REPLY button on will be quoted in the text box already.

[span\'color:green\'] Why doesn’t the QUOTE button work? [/span]
The QUOTE button does work – but it probably works in a way you weren’t expecting.
You’ll notice the quote button is actually labelled +QUOTE. When you click on it the button will change to –QUOTE.

Using this button allows you to easily quote MULTIPLE posts from a topic in a single reply.

Simply press the +QUOTE on the posts that you wish to cover and then press the REPLY button at the very bottom of the topic screen. Every post that you selected will already be sitting in the text box in the reply screen. If you wish to remove a quote that you had selected earlier then simply press the –QUOTE button to do so.

So, in summary you use the QUOTE buttons in conjunction with the REPLY button.

[span\'color:green\'] Where’s my post count? [/span]
Post counts are not displayed in topics at The Society. You can see your post count in your profile screen and on the members list.

[span\'color:green\'] How do I get a title under my user-name? [/span]
When you reach a certain number of posts your user-title will change automatically. The preset user-titles are:


If your behaviour catches the eye of an Admin then they might be compelled to change your user-title to something else entirely. DO NOT BEG! We’re far more interested in what you have to say in your posts than what your title is.

After a certain number of posts have been made you will be able to create your own user-title from your MY CONTROLS screen.

[span\'color:green\'] So how many posts do I have to make before I get a new title? [/span]
We’re not telling! The Society considers post-counts a distraction to actual discussion. They can also promote spamming which we also think is a pain. Rather than focus on your statistics or image we’d rather you focused on discussion. We hope you’ll garner enough satisfaction from the topics and debate that you’ll forget about post-counts altogether.

[span\'color:green\'] Where’s the bit that allows me to change my user-name? [/span]
Changing a user-name is an Admin-only function.

[span\'color:green\'] Is there a swear-filter? [/span]
Not yet. There’s been some discussion about this and the general consensus is that it’s not needed or wanted. Some users are accessing The Society over networks that block pages with unsavoury language on. We have no control over this but ask all members to bear this scenario in mind when composing posts. For more information about the use of language please check out our Charter.

[span\'color:green\'] When I’m on the posting screen it says I can attach files to my post. What’s that all about then? [/span]
The general principle is identical to attaching files to emails.

All files attached to posts are stored on The Society servers after your post has been made. Each user currently has 50mb of data allowance in total. If you’re running low on your allowance then you can manage your attachments through the MY CONTROLS screen and delete old attachments to free up more space.

Most attachments will be represented in posts by a file icon representing the file type. Image attachments will be represented by a thumbnail of that image.

A good, free alternative to uploading images to The Society for use in posts is to use a site like ImageShack to host them for you.

[span\'color:green\'] I had a look at the Gallery. How do I set up my own album? [/span]
Head to your MY CONTROLS screen and check out the Gallery options at the top of the menu that runs along the left-hand side of the screen.

[span\'color:green\'] When I look at the bottom of the main forum screen it shows events such as birthdays. How do I add mine? [/span]
If you have entered your date of birth into your profile then the calendar will automatically update itself with that information.

All members have full access to the Calendar and can create events that can be shared with other Society members.

[span\'color:green\'] Is there a better way of catching up on new posts instead of going into each area one at a time? [/span]
Yes, there is.
Click on VIEW NEW POSTS link just below The Society logo at the top of the screen and you’ll be presented with a screen full of active topics. Topics that have a before their titles are ones that have been added to since you last viewed them. Clicking on will open the topic and take you straight to the newest post in it.

If a topic is on the VIEW NEW POSTS screen but doesn’t have a in front of it then it hasn’t had any new posts since you last read it. It’s on this screen because it’s been active recently though.

[span\'color:green\'] I clicked on the VIEW NEW POSTS link but got some error message about ‘Criteria not found’ in a pink box!?! [/span]
Don’t panic. That’s just the forum software’s rather technical way of saying that there’s been no new posts made since you last asked to VIEW NEW POSTS.

[span\'color:green\'] When I look at the bottom of the forum and it’s telling me who is online there’s someone called ''. I can’t click on them. What is this? [/span]
It’s GOOGLE’s internet spider. It roams the entire internet gathering data so that GOOGLE searches cover as many pages of websites  as they can. In most cases the spider is invisible. This forum software spots it and identifies it in the ‘who’s online’ area. You can’t click on it because, although it’s online at The Society at the time of viewing, it isn’t a regular forum member and has no profile page to view.

[box][span\'color:blue\']OTHER QUESTIONS[/span][/box]

[span\'color:blue\']Is Miskie human or just an incredibly helpful robot?[/span]
I think it's a little of both.

[span\'color:blue\']Why did Lucasarts cancel the Sam and Max sequel?[/span]
Primarily to upset Mr. Party Hat. It looks like a few other fans got caught in the crossfire.

[span\'color:purple\'] I have a question that’s not answered in this FAQ!

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The Society Tome of Knowledge
« Reply #1: February 23, 2005, 03:19:32 PM »
When i click on 'View New Posts' this message pops up quite alot:

The error returned was:
Sorry, the board administrator has enabled search flood control. Please wait at least 20 seconds before trying again.

Is something wrong?

This is the control that the software enables, it means you have to leave 20 seconds between clicking, "view new posts" and then clicking "view new posts" again. :D

As this question was just raised in another post, I thought it would be best to put the answer here, in the tome of knowledge.