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Author Topic: Tribe 8 RPG  (Read 614 times)

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Tribe 8 RPG
« Topic Start: August 24, 2016, 04:42:04 PM »
I just posted this in Google+, I thought I'd share it here too in case anyone was looking for an incredible fantasy RPG to read:

The new Bundle of Holding contains most of the run of Dream Pod 9's Tribe 8 RPG. This is, without a doubt, my favourite game setting. Honestly any campaign set in Vimary will be deep, dramatic, exciting and unlike anything else.

If you have never heard of it Tribe 8, it's a fantasy RPG set in the ruins of Montreal 150 years after the arrival of the Z'bri, a sort of demonic apocalypse. PC are members of The Fallen, a small community of outcasts living on the edge of the human Nation.

Play can involve fighting against the Nation for the Fallen, exploring the Outlands beyond the Nation, investigating the history of the Nation and the Z-bri or simply helping survive in a harsh world. Themes of faith, community, friendship, horror and death are unavoidable.

It is a '90s RPG and it comes with a very 90's metaplot,  but IMO this is how to do a metaplot right. It's an epic story which can involve the PCs in many ways and is fairly adaptable when your players go off-track. It also has an incredible cast of NPCs for the GM to play, most of whom I can still remember fifteen years later.

If there is a negative it's that the system isn't great. Overly complex, combat focused and too many skills, advantages, disadvantages, combat manoeuvres, weapons, etc. It also broke quite badly as the PC's power levels grew. After the main rulebook though (which is half rules) only about 10% of the page count is system stuff. I am planning to return to Tribe 8 someday using WhiteHack. GURPS, UniSystem, Fate or whatever would all work fine too though.

One last thing, if you are considering buying, you really need the Vimary Sourcebook in the Bonus Collection. The whole thing is a bargain though and every book is a great read.?