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Author Topic: Play Want Bin - Septum Piercing  (Read 1692 times)

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Play Want Bin - Septum Piercing
« Topic Start: September 09, 2017, 04:45:05 AM »
Bit late this month, sorry about that.  Now I know all you cool kids will be like PLAY: Destiny 2! BIN: Destiny 1! but as usual I'm playing a load of weird stuff no-one else is so at least I've got something to talk about.


Slime Rancher.  I think this is a really great game, a proper overlooked gem of a title.  It's got elements of Stardew Valley (building up a ranch, populating it with slimes and maximising your profits) mixed with a bit of Minecraft (exploring your local area and gathering resources).  It's really gentle and undemanding to play but just when you think it's really simple and there's not much to it, additional layers of complexity unfold and there's actually far more to it than meets the eye.  It's adorable too.

Everybody's Golf.  Which is, oddly enough, almost identical to every other Everybody's Golf game.  In single-player mode at least it's the same slow grind through tournament matches and versus players to unlock different courses, and it plays much the same as previous instalments, so right now I'm not getting much out of this that I haven't already seen in, say, the Vita version.  There's more to it once you venture online so maybe that's where the fun really lies - and I am enjoying it a lot, so there's that - but somehow I expected more innovation than I've seen so far.  I also admire its dedication to using all the latest graphical techniques - I'm playing in native 4K with HDR - yet still looking basically terrible.  You've got to respect that.


Starting to get hyped now for Assassin's Creed: Origins which is looking pretty tremendous.  As a fan of the series I'm pretty much guaranteed to be day one on this one, though I'm a bit wary that it'll be buggy initially as all new-gen AC games tend to be.

Still want to get the Final Fantasy XII remaster too.

That Mario & Rabbids thing looks pretty good.  That's two games I want on the Switch now.  It's getting there.


I think I'll probably put Grand Kingdom on ice.  It's good, but it requires huge amounts of time to get anywhere and doesn't really deliver the kind of rewards you'd expect from that kind of dedication.  Strangely enough it's the kind of game I wish I had on my phone - it suits regular play sessions very well - but as it stands I think I can probably use my time more productively.