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Author Topic: Play Want Bin - Septum Piercing  (Read 1685 times)

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Re: Play Want Bin - Septum Piercing
« Topic Start: September 25, 2017, 04:28:37 AM »
You're having the exact same reaction I did. (I found it helped a little to turn off most of the HUD markers, because Jesus.)

I ended up playing it a bunch more out of some kind of obligation and, like you say, it's a very well-crafted game - but I ended up dropping it (I assume) long before the end. I don't feel like it got different, so much as it just got more. More weapons that fire more types of ammo at more robo-dinos who drop more resources to craft more armour and more items. It's loops on loops on loops, and none of them weighty enough to be particularly satisfying.