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The Society Charter
« Topic Start: November 27, 2004, 01:31:21 PM »
The Society of Gamesplaying Gentlemen and Womenfolk (The Society) exists as a haven for keen videogames enthusiasts who wish to engage in discussion of gaming topics with like-minded men and women. The difference The Society offers (and expects of) its members is one where civility, maturity, thought and consideration are commonplace.

As you are no doubt aware, traditional videogaming forums are rife with insults, low standards of debate and discussion and often present the worst possible side of videogaming culture.

The Society aims to break tradition.

Listed below are our Principles, please read them, inwardly digest and feel free to provide feedback in the relevant area of The Society once your registration is complete.

TXT speak = BAD
Even if you ARE accessing The Society through a mobile phone (unlikely), write your posts in English. There is absolutely no excuse for using TXT speak, other than the author being too lazy to write complete sentences. Laziness is frowned upon and is generally regarded as bad form.

Don't post single smilies, emoticons or one-word answers
Doing so would be regarded as spamming or an effort to inflate post-count. This is particularly pointless at The Society as post-counts are not displayed in the main areas of the forum. If you have something to add to a discussion then do so - in full.

Make an effort when you post
None of us are perfect. However please make your best attempts at coherent spelling, grammar and punctuation whenever you post. We are Gentlemen and Women - let us act like them.

No personal abuse or attacks
Friendly jibes are one thing. Direct attacks on another member are something completely different. The Society demands its members act with civility and respect for each other. However, we like our fun and a sense of humour is equally essential at The Society. In short - fisticuffs are forbidden but tickling is allowed.

Keeping the mood
Adopt a Victorian tone as and when it pleases you to do so - it's not the focus of The Society but it seems fitting. When it comes to voting for or against something we favour "Aye" and "Nay" over "Yes" and "No".

Your signature
This should be kept to a respectable size and content. If your signature tends to be larger than the contents of your posts then your priorities are in need of revision. Signature images should be no larger than:

Try to keep it civil. Whilst a certain maturity is expected, it goes hand in hand with an understanding and tolerance of more colourful language in certain circumstances. This is not an open invitation to litter expletives into every post, but a reminder that we're all grown up, mature and sometimes there's only one word that'll do the job properly.

Creating new topics
No subject is taboo. Talk about anything and everything within reason. Creating topics clearly designed to be abrasive, inflammatory or insulting to a specific individual will be frowned upon. Try not to create duplicate topics - if you're unsure if a topic already exists, then use The Society’s SEARCH function. Also, please make an effort to create posts in the relevant area of The Society.

Most importantly: Contribute
With the principles of The Society in mind don't be shy in posting and creating topics. Everyone is interested in what you have to say - you wouldn't be here if they weren't. The Society thrives on the input of its members. To that end, it's the members that keep The Society alive and kicking.

All members are welcome to contribute to the structure of The Society as well. If you want to make a logo, suggest an amendment to our principles or anything you feel may benefit The Society and its members then we will always listen and provide feedback.

Please bear in mind that these are principles of The Society, not strict rules. We accept that in a social context there will always be grey areas (or, in our case, sepia) of behaviour that can’t be governed by strict rules.

In closing, the aim of The Society is to create a gaming-focused community with as much focus on wit, good humour and reason as debating the hottest gaming topics of the moment.
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