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Author Topic: This morning's Gamer TV  (Read 2857 times)

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This morning's Gamer TV
« Topic Start: November 17, 2004, 09:14:17 AM »
I was pleasantly surprised to seen running footage of Clover Studio's (Capcom's) Okami on Gamer TV this morning. The more I see of the game the better it looks. This, along with Ico's sequal, seems to be the 'something different' that I am currently looking for.

They also reviewed Killzone, which they slated. They basicly hated everything except the graphics. But I just sat there watching it in motion thinking about how much I want to play it!

Finally they showed Jade Empire, another game which I have been looking forward to. The footage they showed didn't feature much other than the combat but unfortunately that looked rubbish! It seemed to completely lack any sort of weight as if all of the combatants were just showing off their moves in close proximity and occasionally, randomly, someone would take some damage! Still, plenty of time for Bio Ware to get it right.

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This morning's Gamer TV
« Reply #1: November 17, 2004, 10:30:55 AM »
You all know my feelings on Killzone, although I've loosened up a little after giving it some heavy play recently. It still hasn't got the elegance of Halo or even the immediacy of "lesser" titles like Return to Castle Wolfenstein but it is graphically very impressive, which to be honest is scant consolation when the game mechanics are so clumsy.

As for Jade Empire the screens and previews are all exceptionally favourable but the videos I've seen are causing some concern too. After the problems I had with KoToR (spawning Wookiees, disappearing characters in cutscenes, files not being saved, the entire end sequence showing as a black screen but hearing all the sound, my Xbox making a habit of GreenScreening on me ever since) Bioware are off my Christmas list. Still, the abilty to transform into giant frogs/animals a la Bloody Roar should be enough to quell any long lasting spite I may harbour.

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